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New Year New Room

Happy New Year! Here are some inspiring rooms I pulled together last year that I have fallen head over heels in love with. Ready for a new year filled with diverse projects.

Upper West Side Living Room has all the feels and is ready for you to curl up with your first book of the year. I dream of finding a client who shares my obsession with the wildly talented artist, Ashley Longshore.

Sophisticated vintage pieces create a stunning yet quiet space. Lacquered paint gave these old pieces a new life, so why not take it to the next level and lacquer the walls in Benjamin Moore's Avalon Teal.

The perfect pairing of a Bar and Lounge. This is a room from one of my favorite projects last year. I created this space for my sommelier client to gather friends and host her monthly wine tasting party. Her love of Jean Royere was a perfect inspiration and we were lucky enough to find original Royere sconces. But I think my favorite piece is the Tommaso Barbi leaf floor lamp.

What's better than relaxing amongst lush green philodendrons? I'll take one spicy Bloody Mary please! Having a drink and lounging in the chicest mid century modern chairs surrounded by the most divine mid century modern pieces... well that's what I would call the perfect summer day.

I hope these rooms get you inspired and excited for the new year. Fill it with chic and enjoy the wild ride we call life.

Happy New Year!

peace out 2017...



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