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Flea Markets Are for Falling in Love

Last week while in NYC for work I was lucky enough to find time to enjoy a little flea market with my good friend Eddie Ross. I had gone telling myself to only purchase what I can easily carry back on the train to CT. I was excited to find some napkin rings, pretty monogrammed tumblers and a sweet ceramic pineapple, all fit perfect into my over sized purse. Yes, I am a big bag lady.

Then I saw her! She was exactly what I had been searching for. The most perfect line painting of a woman. The age showed in the discoloration of the paper in the most perfect way, I even loved the frame it was in. I told myself she was going to be overpriced and too much to carry so I decided to walk on. I had to go back and see if she was still there and then I saw another great piece that was smaller. I asked how much this one was and to my surprise it was only $20! So I had to ask how much for the beautiful woman. He said $30! I walked in a couple circles literally talking out loud "it will be such a pain to carry that along with all my luggage". "Ugh". "No I will regret it too much if I leave without her". "OK! I'll take her!" The vendor got a good laugh.

Excited about my piece, I safely bubble wrapped my two new art pieces and got on the train making sure to carefully transport them. Sadly all my focus was on my prints that I dropped my purse to catch them from falling and lost one tumbler but hey, it was only $2. Bummer but I still had her. As soon as I got home Brian and I found her perfect place on the wall in our living room. This feeling is the reason why I go to flea markets and thrift stores. When you find that dream piece at a bargain price, your heart beats a little faster.

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