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Design Process

Evolution of a mock up

Above you can see the evolution of a mock up and below you will find the final mock up that came together so lovely! Couldn't be happier!

So much time and thought goes into each item when creating a room for my clients. I love learning as much as possible about their daily life spent in each room. Learning about their passions and what makes them happy helps me find the perfect items to reflect each client and their own individual style.

The end goal is to create a functional space that is filled with character and fun pieces to keep it unique and uber personal.

Always on the hunt for the most fun pieces that are incredibly chic at the same time. This room is packed full of fun but still has a level of class and sophistication.

Why I go through the trouble of creating mock-ups...

Although creating a mock-up is crazy time consuming it really makes for a wonderful tool for my client and I to reference throughout the design process. Every project has its moments and the final product many times is forced to change. To maneuver around those road bumps it has always proven helpful to go back to the drawing board to see how a substitute lamp or alternative sofa will play along with the rest of the space before ordering it to your door. It doesn't always save you from error but is an excellent tool to visualize and create a common vision for any project.

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