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Quarantine Deck Goals

Now that we are all home these days, I am sure not the only one noticing all the parts of our home that need a few improvements to make our days a little brighter or even a little more comfortable.

Recently our land lord took down a wonderful Oak tree that shaded our deck and our dining room throughout the hot summer months. It was lovely. Now that it's gone I am dreading the summer heat on the deck as well as in our dining area.

SO! What better time than now to prepare and improve.

I did a round up of Umbrellas that bring a lot of style and shade. Looking forward to relaxing on the deck this summer with my BFFs. Thrilled at what I was able to find and all at such wonderful price points.

Here is a little inspiration.

Shot by the amazing David Land. Produced and Styled by Eddie Ross down in Miami. This was one hell of a work trip. We had a blast putting this together for The Mine by ATG stores back in 2016.

Option A

Scalloped with Black and White Striped 9' Umbrella by Safavieh available on On Sale for $104.07

Black and white 9' scalloped and striped umbrella

Option B

Double Scalloped White with Black Trim 9' Umbrella by Safavieh available at Target for $127.99

Option C

Zimmerman Orange and White Trim 9' Umbrella by Safavieh available at Target

*This one is giving me all the orange Hermes box feels

Option D

For a more subtle look Amazon has the Canes 9' White Wooden Umbrella for $102.79

Option C

The Splurge Piece by Business and Pleasure! The Premium Vintage Yellow Stripe Umbrella $299 (it is only 6' but it's dang cute)

Can not wait to run these by Brian to find out what his favorite is! What's yours?

And I will leave you with a little extra inspiration by Slim Aarons

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